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Today In This Post I m Going To Show You 

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Download Game Guardian 8-2-1

How to Convert your 8 Ball Pool Vip To Black Diamond Follow The Intstruction.

1). Open Game Guardian Select The 8 Ball Pool Game.
2). Goto Search Engine In Game Guardian And Inter The value No.Which Have Your Vip
       Example in Bronze Then Type 2 if Gold Then Type 3 if Emarld Then Type 4

3). Then Logout Then Game After Getting Values In Game Guardian Hide The Game Guardian And Logout Your Game
4). Now Play As A Guest And Edit The G.G And Replace The Value Into 1 And Refine. After Getting Values Hide Game Guardian And Logout Play as a Guest
5). Then LoginYour Current Account Then Replace The Value Which Have Your Vip Tier. After Getting Values  Hide The G.G And Logout The Account 
6). Now Play As A Guest And Open G.G And Replace Value To 1 And Refine.

Note:- Continue This Process Till u Get Only 1 Value or 3 in G.G

7). Before Login To Account Replace The Values   Into 6 And Freez The Value And Login Your               Current 8 Ball Pool Account

#Enjoy Your Account Becoms Black Diamond 

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