How To Open Block/Disable Fb Id 28/02/2018

How To Open Block/Disable Fb Id 28/02/2018

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How To Open Block/Disable Fb Id 28/02/2018. 

If your account is disabled, you won't be able to login keep in mind that there
are many reasons why and account might be disabled, and Facebook handle each
oh these cases differently. First of all we should know few things about Facebook Blocking.

  • You can block someone in Facebook
  • You can block someone irritating message
  • Block Any Page On Facebook

Facebook too can block your account for some reasonj. Such as,

  • Blocking of sending friend request, if you send too many friend requests.
  • Temprorary account blocking. if someone tried to login to your id or you 
  • just entered wrong password too many times.

  • Posting contect that does't follow the Fb Terms
  • Using a fake name
  • Impersonating someone


How To Open Disable Fn Account Easily 

First Open your Fb id in Any Browser Which is Block if Disabl You Have To Open Directly That Link Which i Give you bellow in next page.

if your id is disable you have 4 options

1. Full fb name

2. Fb date of birth

3. Apeal option.

4 Your Fb email address

Fill out the all option correctly and wiat till 24 hour you will get email on your maile if you dont got any mail then you have to direct open your fb id ...

Click Bellow To Get The Latest Link And Apeal Text Message.

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